Neck Pain

Neck Pain – How To Avoid It

Around 330 million people worldwide, or almost 5% of the world’s population, suffer from neck pain. The problems increase, particularly in the summer and vacation time.

Because especially after long car journeys, people often complain about tense muscles in the neck area. Sitting for long periods and too little exercise causes the muscles in the back and neck area to shorten and cramp. Over time, pain develops, which can also become chronic if the person concerned is ignorant. 

“It is not for nothing that you say that something is on your neck when you want to get a lot of things done quickly under time pressure before you go on your well-deserved vacation. This stress and tension very often lead to neck pain. Even tensing the jaw muscles because you literally want to bite your way through something can have an immediate negative effect on the neck. Because the temporomandibular joint is closely interconnected with the cervical spine through the nervous system ”, continues Experts.

Of course, the correct adjustment of the driver’s seat plays an important role in relieving or preventing neck pain on long car journeys. It is important that the setting of the backrest is adapted to the seat height and the seat inclination. If you do not adjust these settings individually, you will have a rigid sitting posture, which often also causes headaches due to tension in the nerves.

The greatest danger, however, is the incorrect alignment of the air conditioning, as this can even result in a stiff neck. Obviously, the air conditioning is a blessing in hot summer temperatures, but the ventilation jet must not be aimed directly at the head or bare skin, because then the permanent exposure to cold threatens painful nerve irritation, which hardens the muscles and can also cause a cold. The uninterrupted cooling of the skin also worsens blood circulation.

Especially now in the summer season, when long journeys on summer vacation are not uncommon, it is particularly important to make sure that you relax your muscles during the journey and to alleviate the symptoms in advance by taking preventive measures.

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