The Perfect Homemade Drink

The Perfect Homemade Drink To Lose Weight And Reduce Belly Swelling

The Perfect Homemade Drink: To prepare this fat-burning drink, you only need three ingredients: water, lemon and ginger.

Hydrating is very important. The most recommended thing is to drink water , but there are other refreshing options without sugar or industrial processes that not only do not make you fat, but can help burn fat and reduce abdominal swelling . The Perfect Homemade Drink The key is the union of three ingredients within reach of the hand and of any pocket: water, lemon and ginger. There is no trace of the product in this mixture that you must banish from your diet to lose a kilo per week .

Lemon is one of the best known “natural remedies” to promote weight loss. Its high content of vitamin C makes it a very effective antioxidant that helps purify excesses from the body, fights fluid retention, detoxifies the body and reduces bloating .

On the other hand, ginger also promotes weight loss. It improves digestive functions, while having a thermogenic effect that helps activate metabolism and contributes to blood sugar control. The Perfect Homemade Drink This makes it a powerful fat burner. And best of all, this superfood that lowers blood sugar and helps you burn fat is dirt cheap .

The union of both ingredients, with so many properties that promote the elimination of waste from the body, gives rise to a refreshing drink that acts as a powerful cleanser for the body. There are also many other benefits that you can get from this mixture. If you want to know some, here you have in detail the properties of ginger and the best ways to consume it to take advantage of them .

The lemon has nothing to envy the ginger, because it does not fall short in properties. You have up to seven reasons why you should include the consumption of homemade lemonade in your diet , that is, among your daily routines to enhance your health and well-being .

Continue with us and, then, we will teach you how to make your homemade ginger and lemon soft drink, a formula that, in addition, if you drink it at night will help you lose weight .

Lemon Ginger Water Recipe

It doesn’t have much of a mystery. You just have to mix the ingredients cold or at room temperature and leave to infuse. No need to heat. You can prepare several liters at a time or work with small quantities, even units . To prepare a glass per person, it is advisable to add the juice of half a lemon and two centimeters of ginger root to the base of the glass for each glass of water. This ingredient is grated. At the time of taking it, you can eliminate the pieces of ginger or leave them to taste.

And if you are a fan of sparkling water, a very popular way of consuming water in the Canary Islands, use lemon and ginger to give it some flavor. There is no better natural drink. Dare to try it.

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