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Vacuum Therapy To Fight Cellulite

Vacuum therapy is a treatment that, through the use of empty silicone cups connected to a suction pump, creates a vacuum effect on the areas where they are applied.

Vacuum therapy is a treatment that, through the use of empty cups in silicone, is connected to a suction pump, leading to congestion of the areas on which they are applied.

In this way the affected area is guaranteed: a faster blood circulation; the elimination of toxins; the nourishment of the tissues that compose it.

This Therapy Can Be Used Both In The Medical And In The Aesthetic Field.

In the first case, vacuum therapy is essential for: stimulating blood circulation; accelerate the healing and healing processes of wounds, burns, and ulcers; reduce any swelling.

In the aesthetic field, however, it fights bitterly against cellulite, acne, varicose veins, orange peel skin, and all possible skin imperfections.

For example, in the case of cellulite, the therapy acts by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation, which involves the elimination of fat cells; or, in the case of acne, its main action is to eliminate waste and bacteria so as not to make them reform.

In addition, one of the minor uses of vacuum therapy is for the temporary resolution of erectile dysfunction.

But To Whom Do We Owe The Experimentation And Development Of Vacuum Therapy?

It has its roots in the context of Chinese quantum medicine, according to which ailments were nothing more than alterations in the normal energy flow of the human organism and that, consequently, to heal it was necessary to return to the initial balance.

In recent years, however, it has been rediscovered and patented in Sweden, to then have great success in Denmark, up to us.

Vacuum Therapy vs Cellulite

As mentioned above, vacuum therapy can be an excellent ally against cellulite, a terrible monster that afflicts the female world so much. But even if you fear it and try to fight it in all ways, do you know what cellulite actually is?

It is a pathology that involves the alteration of the subcutaneous fat tissue, that is the panniculus, whose cells swell up to burst and pour their contents (triglycerides) into the surrounding area, thus obstructing blood circulation. As we all know, it tends to mainly affect the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

The causes of swelling and bursting of fat cells can be different: excessive accumulation of fat, the result of poor nutrition and lack of exercise ( adipose cellulite ); an increase in the connective tissue and solidification of the fat which leads to the formation of the famous “orange peel skin” ( fibrous cellulite ); the formation of nodules ( sclerotic cellulitis ); fluid accumulation and water retention ( aqueous cellulite ).

Of course, there are dozens and dozens of different ways to treat cellulite, starting with the right diet and exercise, up to creams, herbal remedies, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

However, often, classic treatments are slow and ineffective and we are opening up more and more to new alternatives, including vacuum therapy, which seems to be very popular even among celebrities of a certain caliber, such as Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth. Paltrow.

The results of the therapy are visible after only one month of constant use of it. In fact, it is possible to notice, almost immediately, firmer buttocks and legs and greater uniformity of the skin previously characterized by a wavy appearance.

Where Is Vacuum Therapy Practiced?

Vacuum therapy against cellulite is mainly practiced in beauty centers.

A full cycle of constant sessions lasts about twelve / fifteen weeks, while the duration of each session is about 60 minutes. Furthermore, the price of each session is around € 100.

To achieve visible and concrete results it is very important that the sessions are carried out on a regular basis (once a week), without forgetting or skipping any of them. Otherwise, the healing process will be slower and more difficult.

An alternative to beauty salon or beauty centers  is do-it-yourself. In fact, it is possible to find on the market machines for vacuum therapy that are easy to use independently. Their price can vary a lot, depending on the quality and power, but it is still possible to place it in a price range ranging from 59 € for home use up to 1000 € for those for professional use.

While these may seem like exorbitant figures, they are, in reality, still less than the price of a full course of vacuum therapy.

Despite the savings, however, there are some cons of home vacuum therapy: it can cause temporary damage to the skin, the result of excessive pressure on the same area (edema); there are some parts of the body that are difficult to reach independently (the buttocks, the inner thigh).

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