What Is ElectroMyoStimulation And What Is It For

In recent years, a new training method has spread to all Western countries that allows you to get back in shape within a week, taking only 20 minutes of session for each workout.

This is the EMS , an innovative tool based on muscle electromyostimulation , perfect to use within your training schedule to obtain numerous benefits and physical advantages. This type of training can be done by everyone in a simple and effective way.

More and more people are acquiring greater awareness of the importance of physical activity which brings numerous benefits mainly to health and quality of life, as well as to the aesthetic issue of an individual. Find out more about EMS Fit And Go training .

What is EMS training?

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), or muscle electromyostimulation, is a technique that is often used by professionals, sportsmen and gym lovers, through the execution of one session per week carried out with a latest generation instrument and through the training by a professional able to advise how to carry out the first sessions and how to use the machine to obtain the desired results.

EMS is a training carried out through the fusion of physiotherapy skills with technological advances, a combination that has allowed the traditional electromyostimulation techniques, initially used only by physiotherapists, to give life to an innovative and extremely effective method.

How EMS works

An EMS training can be done for 20 minutes per session and allows you to get incredible results after a few sessions. This workout allows you to naturally contract the muscles up to 80%, so as to activate even the deeper layers and accelerate the basal metabolism, with the consequent reduction of fat mass.

The cells of our muscles are able to undergo contractions after any stimulus of a nervous or hormonal nature and, immediately after, they are able to relax. The movement originates from the coordinated alternation of these two events that allow the muscle to reduce its length and immediately return to its initial length.

Muscle electromyostimulation is based on this coordination of events and intensifies the contraction of the muscle through current pulses , set at low frequency, which are sent to the muscle through the use of special electrodes. It is a mechanism used initially in the field of rehabilitation and in recent years it has also been extended to the field of aesthetics.

The objectives of an EMS are three:

Total Body, because during a workout the whole body is involved in the contraction cycle;

Activation of the deep fibers, which allow to improve the toning of the upper muscles and the coordination between all the muscles of the body;

Intensity, because each contraction is very intense and strong.

What results to get with an EMS training

Through a single weekly EMS training session, lasting only 20 minutes and repeated over the weeks, it is possible to achieve different physical and health goals:

  • Tone the muscles;
  • Reduce weight and fat mass;
  • Decrease cellulite;
  • Increase blood circulation;
  • Increase strength, muscle mass, body endurance and speed;

In the rehabilitation field, using electromyostimulation it is possible to reduce back pain and be able to carry out muscle recovery.

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