Back Pain

Back Pain: From Sport a Help To Fight It

The causes of  back pain , which can also present itself in a persistent and intense form, can be many, from critical issues related to the menstrual cycle , to pains that are a direct consequence of advancing age .

The key elements to combat back pain

To counteract back pain it is useful to follow a few simple tips starting from the choice not to overload the trunk, lifting or carrying too heavy burdens.

Specialists urge you to maintain correct behavior, urging you to protect your back from trauma , and avoiding a whole series of sudden movements.

If necessary, we can choose to take a food supplement such as Kalanit by Chiesi Italia SpA, useful for counteracting localized states of tension thanks to the presence of Boswellia serrata, to be used with care, always remembering that supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. and balanced and healthy lifestyle and read the warnings before use.

It should be emphasized that back pain can be the consequence of excessive effort, but also of sedentary work, of a state of anxiety and stress , of the absence of adequate and regular sporting activity .

Sport, a real cure-all for preventing pain

A fundamental help for back pain comes from the practice of a sport , and from constant physical activity, to be performed with all the necessary precautions.

Sport is a real cure-all in terms of prevention , it promotes weight loss, improves muscle tone and elasticity, and is essential for preventing back pain . The only limitation, for those who already suffer from back pain, is the careful choice of an activity that is able to relieve and prevent, and not negatively affect.

If back pain derives from more serious problems, such as discopathies or scoliosis, before choosing a physical activity it is good to consult with the specialist, and evaluate which solution is most appropriate .

An unforgivable mistake is to resort to sport as an occasional practice, pushing too hard to make up for lost time. Sports and physical activity must be practiced with attention and a commitment to be put into play gradually.

Sports recommended for back pain sufferers

Among the motor activities recommended for those suffering from back pain , walking cannot be missing , without excesses, but above all by making adequate use of the supports.

Correct, use a pair of comfortable shoes , right for the activity, choose a regular step , proceed while maintaining the right posture , possibly wearing a lumbar belt , perfect for supporting the upper trunk.

Among the activities recommended for those suffering from back pain it is good to consider swimming , yoga and pilates .

Water sports reduce the weight of the body. Moving in the water, in fact, does not affect the spine. As for yoga , remember that it is a prerequisite for relaxation and counteracts muscle tension, while pilates allows you to improve posture, while strengthening the muscles.

The general advice for those suffering from back pain is to absolutely avoid the practice of sports such as cycling, running and of course weight lifting .

Always rely on a professional who can judge the situation in a concrete way and always try to do your best to live the best version of yourself.

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