Smoking or Vaping

Smoking or Vaping: Tastes Are Different

Smoking or Vaping, Every person is fundamentally different. Although the anatomy is the same, each of us differs in our species, our orientation, our beliefs and our individual taste. If everyone had the same intentions or interests, living together would be very exhausting in the long run, since the individual way makes up a character and forms a person as an independent individual.

The differences

People are fundamentally different. They’re already fundamentally different in looks, build, height, and voice, and that’s a good thing, because each of us has a worthwhile personality worth living for. Therefore, people should not be discredited by others because of a salient trait. Depending on origin, orientation and current trend, the style of clothing is also a feature that distinguishes us from each other. Each of us has our own taste, which also affects needs, the location of the home or even the interior design. In addition, other senses of taste are used, which ensure that certain foods taste good or not. There are five senses of taste

  • Sweet
  • Sauer
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • umami

The four taste cells sweet, sour, salty and bitter are those that we have been taught from a young age and we all know them. The recently discovered sense of taste, umami, deals with and defines the taste of meat, which can interpret protein-containing foods.

It’s not just cloudy in the sky

As with food, clothing and furnishings, there are differences in taste when it comes to stimulants, and the same applies to cigarettes. They differ in their shape and consequently also in their taste.

  • Cigarettes (Default)
  • Cigarettes (Long)
  • Cigarettes (with filter hole)
  • Zigarillos
  • cigars

Due to the added nicotine content, these have a different intensity in their effect and the associated taste. In addition, flavor capsules can be inserted into the filter for cigarettes, which means that the product tastes like mint, fruit or ice, for example.

And there are also completely different forms of cigarettes, such as the  e-cigarette , which generates steam using a battery and heating and does not require tobacco. E-cigarettes are generally considered to be  less harmful than conventional cigarettes . With e-cigarettes, so-called  liquids are heated and released by the evaporator function. Depending on its strength, the resulting steam resembles the clouds of an old steam locomotive. 

Not only does the liquid taste like the product you chose, but the smoke smells like it too. Thus, e-cigarette vapor is not only more pleasant in its smell for others, but also leaves no odors on hands and clothing. Depending on the type of e-cigarette, different amounts of vapor are produced. Some vapers even make a sport out of it and try to create as big clouds of vapor as possible. One then speaks of so-called cloud chasing. more information is available here. But e-cigarettes also have disadvantages. If the battery is empty, smoking is not possible at the moment when a craving is felt unless you carry a spare battery or device with you. With the conventional form of cigarettes, on the other hand, you simply buy a new pack as soon as the old one is empty. According to statistics from 2018, around 23% of adults smoke, which corresponds to around 12 million people. The ratio is 26% men to 20% women.

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