Make a Marriage Proposal – Nothing Can Go Wrong With These 11 rules

Make a Marriage Proposal – Nothing Can Go Wrong With These 11 rules

In short, there really isn’t a wrong way to propose to your loved one. But there are also a few things to consider and definitely ways to ensure that everything goes romantic and smoothly when proposing.

Here at CarlMarie we give 11 tips on how to take the first good step towards marital bliss.

1. Make sense of the proposal

If there was ever a time to get sentimental, it is now with the thought of proposing to HIM or HER. Think back to the notable moments in the relationship. Take your sweetheart back to the place where you first met, kissed, or said, “I love you!”

2. Choose a timeless place (… to be able to return to it later)

A trendy restaurant might be the perfect choice for a romantic evening. But will this hotspot still be there tomorrow or the day after? Because this question arises at the right place for the marriage proposal. Central to this is the idea that even if you are once old and graying, HE or HE can always return to that memorable place. A venerable building, a monument or a timelessly beautiful place in a park or in the great outdoors are all suitable here. In order to be able to celebrate the anniversaries later in proper style, it is also important to give enough thought to a ritual, drinks and food. After all, it should be possible for the anniversaries to create these magical details again and again.

3. Public or private – that should be well thought out!

Some hate being in the limelight, while others dream of constantly sharing their joy. If you’re not sure what your lover or lover would prefer, you should rack your brains a little over the question of proposing in an intimate atmosphere as a couple or in the public eye. The “target person” can be “interrogated” about this question in a harmless way beforehand. Or ask friends and family if you can trust their privacy. When in doubt, always play it safe. He or she obviously loves being alone with you, so you can’t go wrong with a one-on-one environment with no audience.

4. A spectacular action? – don’t forget to get permission!

If you are working on an elaborate action, such as a small flash mob or some sort of movie scene with friends and family, make sure you have the appropriate government approvals. Police and security officials generally ignore marriage proposals. It’s better to rent a location than to commit to a guerrilla plan that can be thwarted in any number of ways.

5. Organize a decoy and don’t reveal the secret prematurely

For a stunning marriage proposal, you need something that the loved one can’t say no to when and where. Good announcements are: “Friends or family members are in town!” You meet for dinner. You have tickets for a special concert or a play. Or someone is throwing a cocktail party that you should definitely attend. Once the bait has been found, it is now time to hold tight. It is important to find out who are the accomplices in the implementation of the plan. The information about details should be as little as possible for all outsiders. Even the applicant risks ruining the surprise if he is informed about all the details and doesn’t think his “accomplices” are capable of one or the other surprise. It’s just more fun to share the good news as a couple.

6. What exactly does SHE or HE do before the application?

It is also important to find out. Because an effectively presented marriage proposal also needs the right setting, the optimal framework conditions. And for that you should know where HE or SHE is coming from in order to be at the desired place at the desired time. For example, if she’s just gotten home from her weekly Pilates class on a Wednesday night, it could easily be that she’d rather take a shower than be in the spotlight again. Even hours of work in the office right before submitting the application can completely spoil the fun. Then it would just be better to wait until the weekend to propose.

7. Choose the right clothes for the rings

As absurd as that may sound, it is also important for the surprising moment of the marriage proposal that HE or SHE choose the right pants or jacket. Because the rings, which are indispensable on such a date, should be well stowed away and easily pulled out until the right time. Missing pockets or holes in them can completely ruin the dramaturgy of the marriage proposal.

8. Where is the backup plan?

No plan, no matter how good, for presenting a marriage proposal is so well prepared that it cannot go wrong on all levels. A walk along the beach or the top of a mountain after a day tour? This selection is outstanding… until, of all days, a storm of the century brews. So if, for example, Mother Nature proves to be uncooperative, then it’s not so bad if you have a few interior spaces – for example your or his favorite museum – up your sleeve as a precaution. The same applies to delays due to traffic jams or a canceled train. A plan B should always be in your back pocket when proposing marriage.

9. What does the next morning bring?

Everyone wants to bask in the glow of engagement a little. That is why the marriage proposal is also advised to choose a time after the holiday flight does not necessarily go back to real life the next morning. Or maybe just a few hours later work calls again. Nothing is as sobering as when, after wildly jumping up and down, everyday life threatens to return a little later.

10. Stick to your idea, but don’t slavishly follow a script

The worst enemy of an authentic and emotionally presented marriage proposal is certainly effort, over-planning and being pressed into an overly complicated plan. Prepare two or three thoughts beforehand that you absolutely want to address in the application. More than that is too much and you will surely forget it. Anyone who memorizes long texts often sounds unnatural and forced. If something unexpected ruins the moment, respond with a smile. Real life is not a rehearsed play. And a really nice glitch can always be told better afterwards than a perfect and therefore boring and sterile-looking success story.

11. And now the whole world should know about it

With all modernity, the parents should be the first to know about happiness. HE or SHE no longer has to ask the mother and father for a marriage partner, but it is precisely those who should be most happy about the coming marital bliss. The family clearly comes first when it comes to announcing the upcoming wedding. And then, of course, happiness can be trumpeted throughout the world.

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