The 8 Best Ideas For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

The 8 Best Ideas For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

If HE or SHE is sure that the marriage proposal will be approved with a “yes”, then maybe the more conventional proposals will do the same. But sometimes you have to give the coming marital bliss the decisive boost with an unusual, maybe a little strange idea. Here at CarlMarie we have some really imaginative proposals for you.

There are the classic places and ways of proposing to your loved one. For the somewhat shy couples who prefer it more intimate, the romantic location is almost always chosen. When on vacation, couples often opt for a particularly beautiful waterfall or a boat tour on an idyllic lake. A small short film or even a live performance in the cinema will remain unforgettable for those who love the larger audience. The audience is even greater for those who dare to take the microphone in the middle of a football stadium or who place their affectionate request on a public billboard. But outside of these classics, those who wish to marry can also bring their creativity, authenticity and passion to their loved ones with significantly less effort.

1. Kitten or dog deliver the message

The mutual darling becomes a messenger of love here. Simply hang a sign or plaque with the words “Will you marry me?” on your dog or sweet kitty and send it on the fateful journey to the beloved one. The charm of the four-legged friends is usually irresistible.

2. Flash, flash – and the marriage proposal is out in the world

Snapshots can convey the marriage proposal in many different ways. How about this, for example? You and your loved one go into a photo booth where six pictures are taken at short intervals. And then, after the first picture, you draw the shield and the ring and ask your all-important question. In any case, the following five photos will remain unforgettable. The snapshots from the roller coaster at the fairground also have a nice surprise effect. Place a few friends in the seats behind you and her or him. And then only at the right moment the writing and picture panels have to be lifted up. On the journey, YOU or HE will not notice anything about the action. The irresistible message is only revealed when the photo is picked up. The surprise might be even greater

3. The “Marry me!” on the bottom of the coffee cup and cake plate

The marriage proposal can also be transmitted in the kitchen. Because it can be in writing on the bottom of a coffee cup or on the surface of a plate under a cake to be eaten. This idea is also relatively promising, because there is no happier person than a full and plenty of caffeine. And a happier woman or man will be more passionate about marital adventures.

4. When the sky is full of violins

It is the expression of perfect romance when he shows her the starry sky. And best of all in the attic through a telescope. And wouldn’t it be a complete surprise if, when you look at the real moon, you suddenly find the words “Marry me!” on it. A transparent filter with the appropriate words pushed in front of the lens of the “stargazer” and the sky will end up full of violins for you and HIM.

5. The Book of Love

A book alone hasn’t turned a marriage proposal into a success. But what if the pages of a thick tome are cut out in such a way that the first time you open them, you can see a cavity in which the ring box is located? And underneath, beautifully illustrated, a self-written poem. A flip book is actually even better. This can actually be made by anyone who can draw a few stick figures. And the unfolding story can lead in a very entertaining way that SHE or HE can hardly misunderstand that in the end.

6. The marriage proposal goes through the stomach

A late-night look in the fridge can reveal the perfect marriage proposal. Fruit, vegetables, ketchup and cola bottles as well as yoghurt cups can be arranged in a suitable set on the various levels (compartments). Incidentally, a melon quarter and a container with minced meat are suitable for the quickly “pressed” word.

7. The treasures of the sea

Nowhere is the wedding ring better embedded than inside an oyster or another suitably sized shellfish. You could have found them “accidentally” on the beach. You open it and HE or SHE finds the ring in a bed of sand. Rolled up as a message, the “Will you marry me?” naturally fits into a message in a bottle that the lovers find together on the beach.

8. The thing about the umbrellas

Often the really crazy marriage proposal cannot be done without accomplices. And you can work out how many of these are needed to conjure up a marriage proposal on a large, well-known bridge, considering that only one letter fits on each umbrella. So how does the umbrella thing work? Engage enough friends standing on a bridge with umbrellas of different colors, and open them with the appropriate letters exactly when you are standing with your loved one in a convenient spot from where the umbrella marriage proposal can be easily read.

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