Lip Tints - The New 2021 Make-up Trend

Lip Tints – The New 2021 Make-up Trend

Lip: The colors for the lips are undoubtedly one of the main trends in the makeup of 2020/2021 autumn-winter: but what are the fashion colors of this year and, more importantly, how to apply these colors to perfection and flawless?

No longer just the classic lipsticks and glosses, but also plenty of space for lip colors: their innovative texture allows a long-lasting color without transfers throughout the day, with a matte or glossy finish. This is made possible thanks to their combination of alcoholic elements and pure color: once the tint is passed on the lips, the color pigments are fixed as soon as the alcohol inside them evaporates.

The season’s colors are many: from the timeless fire red to all shades of burgundy and burgundy, passing through chic and light nuances such as powder pink and nude, you have to choose your favorite.

So here are all the details about 2021 lip colors and how to best apply them as real makeup artists!


The 2021 winter makeup tends to offer dark colors and some evergreen: the most present shades for the colors will therefore be red, burgundy, burgundy, purple, aubergine and even black; for the more traditionalists, on the other hand, green light for fuchsia, powder pink and nude.

How To Apply The Dyes

Now that you know the makeup colors of the season, you can choose your shade and learn how to apply it perfectly. However, before going into the specifics, we must specify two types of lip tints: matte finish (opaque) or gloss (glossy). It is, therefore, necessary to make a slight distinction in the method of application, depending on whether you have preferred a matte or gloss tint, and, to apply the product correctly, it is also necessary that your lips are well hydrated. To do this, make a gentle scrub. After this essential step, proceed with the drafting of the color, depending on whether you have chosen a mat or gloss :

Mat dye is quite simple to apply because it is usually found on the market in a felt-tip pen or as a brush stick. Start by applying the dye by first drawing the edges of the lips (as you would with a pencil) and then fill in the inside, coloring from the sides towards the center. Proceed with two or three passes depending on the intensity you want, then let it dry for a minute. If you don’t want your lips to dry out too much, finish by applying some lip balm.

Gloss Tint: pass on the lips a thin layer of moisturizer or a little ‘ lip balm, then begin to roll out the gloss hue from the center of the lower lip and above, going to the corners. Distribute the product well with the brush and define the contours: let it dry with the lips parted for 30 seconds.

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