Makeup Tips And Tricks

Makeup Tips And Tricks

Sometimes, seeing what the cosmetics are doing, you can be completely fascinated. How did an older woman manage to create the perfect face, what are the secrets of her makeup? At first glance, everything seems simple. But even if you buy a bunch of jars and bottles of makeup, you won’t get the perfect makeup. Here are some secrets and tricks on how to get the right makeup.

Start With A Clean Face

This may seem like a common item, but not everyone pays close attention to it.

If you apply makeup on unclean skin, it won’t look fresh and won’t last the right time. Always start with a clean face for best results. Use a toner or facial cleanser.

Focus On One Thing.

Many are not bad, but not when it comes to makeup. If you can’t decide which part of the face you want to highlight and emphasize, and start painting everything at once, you will look tasteless. Experts advise focusing on one major makeup feature. For example, if you want a sexy and smoky eye makeup, then soften your lips. When using bright red lipstick, don’t overdo it with your eyes. Choose the main accent in your makeup, and all other parts of the face should only be in harmony with it.

Less Is Better!

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to their appearance. There are women who have never used makeup and preferred natural beauty, and suddenly they wanted to change. Starting to use decorative cosmetics, they do not take into account that natural tones and shades are better suited for everyday make-up. Therefore, they can often look too vulgar. You must understand that for every special occasion there is a suitable make-up, in a nightclub, for example, you can put on bright makeup, and you will not feel “out of place”.

Correct Color Scheme.

If you have already graduated from school, then most likely you remember how young girls used to paint and made many mistakes in applying makeup. One of the most common mistakes is applying a bright or very dark foundation on light natural skin. Many people think that it is very difficult to choose a shade of foundation to match the tone of natural skin. But this is a myth. Spend time in the store, ask a consultant for help, and you will find your shade.

Try Natural Cosmetics.

If you are embarrassed to use cosmetics or your skin is too sensitive, this does not mean that you should walk like a gray mouse. There are natural, mineral cosmetics. It is much easier to apply than the classic one and does not cause a feeling of heaviness on the face at the end of the day. Plus, mineral-enriched cosmetics will only benefit your skin. Mineral cosmetics can be found in supermarkets and online stores. Some manufacturers are even willing to give free samples of their cosmetics so that you can try their products and find the right shade.

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