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Makeup Tips For A Fresh And Young Look

There is no stopping aging, but there are a few things that can be done. With the right make-up, you look fresher and younger in no time. Even small eyes can be concealed with the right make-up. 

Our Skin Doesn’t Forget Anything

It cannot be said often enough: Smoking, too much alcohol and extensive sunbathing can damage the skin. With every puff on a cigarette, the body absorbs over a thousand free radicals that irreparably destroy skin and connective tissue cells and tissue. And: the skin does not forget anything!

The skin also does not forgive the following sin: going to bed without removing make-up and night care. The skin regenerates during the night and cannot tolerate dirt that clogs the sebum glands. The consequence of neglected night care: pimples and blackheads.

Our skin also enjoys a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and plenty of moisture, e.g. several glasses of water or unsweetened tea spread over the day.

Make The Skin Look Younger And Fresher

With a concealer – a concealer stick – you can cheat away wrinkles, fine lines or dark circles. It is important that the color of the concealer is about two shades lighter than the foundation, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect.

Wherever there are dark shadows on the face, such as under the eyes and in the folds between the nose and mouth, the concealer is applied.

A white kohl pencil helps against tired and slightly reddened eyes. This is how it is applied: Carefully follow the lower inner edge of the eyelid with the kohl. It also makes the green eyes appear bigger.

Blush on the cheeks ensures a radiant and fresh look. The rouge color depends on the skin undertone and the hair color. Because not every woman suits every rouge.

Find The Right Lipstick

Lips with red makeup ideas are an eye-catcher, but mostly not suitable for everyday use. A neutral tone immediately makes women look fresher.

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