Eye Makeup With Blue Tones

Eye Makeup With Blue Tones

Eye Makeup With Blue Tones: If you previously gave up trying to wear your eyes with blue colors, it is time to try again and get your forgotten shadows out of your drawer, since this tone is back and it is more trend than ever to wear eye makeup with blue tones.

When it comes to completing the autumn / winter look , the new queen of shadows is the one in blue, as it will give that touch of interesting color to your face and enhance your look . Here we show you several tricks to look great wearing this color. 

Tips To Look Splendid With Makeup With Blue Tones

Whether it is a vibrant blue, a matte shadow, an eyeliner, a sky blue or a blue with glossy finishes , this color works with all skin types and eye tones , you just have to know how to choose correctly.

If you have warm skin or blonde hair, choose shades in softer tones such as light blue, turquoise or pastel tones, also if you have light eyes these tones will highlight your iris.

Make sure to correct the area of ​​dark circles well and much more if it has a bluish undertone, because when the shadows in blue are used , they can enhance the appearance of these. It also prepares the eyelid using a primer like Eye Primer to help preserve the color, intensity and fixation of the shadows.

When it comes to combining blue tones, as for the rest of your makeup, it is best to wear a luminous skin with a more natural appearance , you can use a bit of blush, bronzer and illuminator for that effect of healthy and tanned skin. Kaleidoscope from Ten Image has all 3 options in one powder box.

Having so much color in your eyes you will think that it may be best not to wear any color on your lips, using nude tones or a lipgloss that only adds shine, but you can take a risk depending on the occasion by wearing a coral, orange and even red tone like Velvet Lipstick Holly Red  for a stunning look.

Do not forget to complement your look and show off a look with great force by applying a mascara that provides volume , with the Winter Dreams mascara you will get 5D effect lashes with an extra-volume to achieve an intense and long-lasting look.

To have a sexier look , play with the shadows, combine blue with a black tone and make a smokey eye with metallic touches in the center of the mobile eyelid, a night blue pigment would be ideal. But, if what you are looking for on the contrary is for your eyes to wear a more natural and subtle makeup, you can opt for blue shadows with a matte finish .

The eyeliner also takes a lot of strength in this trend of wearing blue in the eyes, using it in this way on the lower eyelid makes the eye appear larger and even the iris lighter, the Satin Eyeliner Blue Starlight from Ten Image will make you look Great if you are looking for an eyeliner pencil, if you prefer a liquid one, the Slim Liquid Eyeliner is for you. Outlining the eye in the upper part with both light and dark tones, adding a bit of color and elegance to the look without being ultra flashy, and using it as an illuminator in the tear duct gives a very flattering millennial touch .

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