What Does Your Perfume Say About You

What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

Perfume reinforces our personality and makes us feel more confident about ourselves. Without realizing it, we choose a perfume for what it conveys and how it makes us feel.

Smells awaken in our emotions and stimuli: joy, sadness, energy, nostalgia … That is why every time we smell one essence or another, we identify the smell, not only as an aroma but as a memory, an association of it with space, a person or a specific event. And it is that a perfume can influence people’s character, not only in the same person who wears it but in those who perceive it.

This is due to the properties of the essences contained in perfumes. These essences are extracted from different flowers, plants and herbs that produce effects that can be both physiological and psychological. Its benefits in the body vary depending on the essence in question:

Tea Tree

Ideal for poor circulation and varicose veins, warts and fungi. It is also germicidal, bactericidal, regenerating, disinfecting and healing. For people with dermatological problems such as acne, it produces a notable improvement if applied with a massage.


Used to soothe the effects of flu, colds, fever, infections and sore throats, as well as herpes and indigestion. It also works to calm anxiety, stress or depression against acne, oily skin and psoriasis treatments. In women, it is recommended to relieve premenstrual tension. Provides courage and confidence to express the true feeling.


Analgesic, antidepressant, healing, moisturizing, anti-cellulite, slimming, toning and cell regenerator. Normalizes the circulatory system, regulates, stabilizes and harmonizes the hormonal and endocrine system of women. It is used for excessive mood swings, as it provides balance, security and satisfaction.

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