Everyday Gentleman: 10 Examples

How do you recognize a gentleman? Not just in his wardrobe or expensive accessories, because no outfit says so much about a man as his words and deeds. A gentleman can and hardly has to save the world with his behavior, but he can brighten the day for his fellow men. 

Gentlemanlike Is, For Example 

1. Not only give a beggar or street musician some money, but also a smile.

2. To offer older people or people in need their place on the tram.

3. To let someone in front of the supermarket checkout when you have a lot in your basket, but the person behind you only has very little.

4. to hold the door for others.

5. To offer his help on a staircase if someone has difficulty carrying suitcases or strollers up or down on their own.

6. To display table manners – not only at a business lunch.

7. To return the favor sooner or later if you are invited to something – but not to count everything down to a penny.

8. To stand by the victim’s side in bullying and blasphemy attacks instead of participating in them.

9. As a greeting or when someone introduces you to stand up and shake hands.

10. To be silent and to enjoyment.

Helpfulness Makes You Happy

Donations for charity, volunteer work or neighborhood help are felt by many to be a burden at first, but they can also enrich their lives a lot. An international study comes to the conclusion: where helping others is of great importance, people feel better overall.

Conviction Instead Of Calculation

Such behaviors go down well with many women. The behavior is only gentlemanly if it is done out of conviction and is not used as a conscious pick-up ploy .

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