First Date

10 Things To Avoid On A First Date

Delicate anecdotes, quirky behavior, or the smartphone – numerous faux pas lurk when you first meet or  first date.

10 Mishaps On The First Date

1. Choose The Wrong Place

As a rule, the location already decides on the course of the appointment, and it also consciously or unconsciously reveals one’s own motivation. Anyone who suggests their own four walls for the first date sometimes risks premature excess of confidentiality. On the other hand, a public place on neutral terrains such as a cafe, restaurant, or an exhibition is better suited.

2. Unpunctuality

As banal as it may sound, punctuality is the be-all and end-all here, as is so often the case. A gentleman doesn’t keep his appointment waiting. However, if the “surprising” rush hour traffic actually results in a delay, the apology should be considered and/or entertaining.

3. Neglect

Personal hygiene is a must! An unkempt appearance is a sure love killer. Women usually prepare meticulously for a rendezvous. The man should pay the same attention to his appearance. Absolute no-gos on the first and all subsequent dates are dirty finger nails, greasy hair, sweat, and bad breath, dirty clothes or shoes, and – the classic – clearly visible nose hair

4. The Ex & Wife Mom

On the first dating, your companion is the focus and not the ex-girlfriend. There will be enough time for everything else later. The same also applies to dear Ms. Mama – a sense of family is all well and good, but extensive anecdotes about your own mother inevitably raise the question of who is actually in charge of you.

5. Eye-Catching Cell Phone

Smartphones and Co. are omnipresent. If you pay more attention to your cell phone than to your companion, you shouldn’t be surprised if the lady of the heart’s interest quickly disappears. The cell phone should be set to silent during the entire appointment – it is best to leave it completely in your pocket.

6. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a glass of wine, after all, most of the first dating traditionally take place in the restaurant. In order to avoid embarrassing slip-ups, however, one should not be too strict. Shouts like “Stößchen”, “Schulz” or “Prösterchen” are also not advisable.

7. Macho Behavior

Almost everyone is excited at the first meeting. However, you shouldn’t hide your own nervousness by staging yourself. Be natural and open, that still works best.

8. Empty Phrases And An Awkward Silence

Compliments that could have sprung from the script of a soap opera look trite and artificial. If the conversation comes to a standstill, the conversation can be restarted with an interesting question. Safe topics of conversation for in between are, for example, interesting travel destinations, work, or the current film program.

9. “And You Want To Eat All Of That?”

Even if your only concern is the well being of your date, such a remark may put your date on a hunger strike. Whatever your date should order, a gentleman is silent and does not discuss the amount of the meal.

10. Pettiness

Nowadays, the bill is no longer a (pure) man’s business. But dividing the costs down is not a solution either: »I only had the pasta and the salad. You pay the rest! ”A gentleman offers the lady to take over the bill. If the companion is shy about the purse that is drawn out, you can also suggest leaving the bill for the cocktail that follows. Provided that there is even interest in a sequel …

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