Spring Skincare

Spring Skincare: What to look Out For NOW!

The days are getting longer again and with it, the probability increases that the sun will show up and we will go out to enjoy it. Now is the time for spring beauty. How can we do something good for our skin?

First of all, it should be said that, according to the expert, not every skin needs special winter care. In this respect, there may not be that much to change when switching to spring beauty. It is important – regardless of the season – to match the care products to the skin type.

More than the comparatively moderate temperatures, the heating air causes problems for the skin in winter. “Dry skin is created much more passively by strongly heated rooms and evaporation. It makes sense to ventilate regularly or to work with room air humidifiers,”

Changeover: Skin Care Tips For Spring

In spring and summer, light serums and creams are particularly useful during the day. Two active ingredients are currently particularly popular with experts: hyaluronic acid and retinol.

Hyaluron has the reputation of plumping up the skin with a visible immediate effect. It helps the skin retain moisture and makes for a fresh complexion. But not all active ingredients are the same. The size of the molecule is crucial for hyaluronic acid to develop its potential.

“Oligo hyaluronic acid is the basic building block of hyaluronic acid and is small enough to penetrate deeply into the skin, unlike hyaluronic acid. This way, the skin is deeply hydrated and strengthened,”

Spring beauty: Is UV Protection Now Becoming More Important Again?

The best anti-aging tip of all costs little money: If we spend more time outside, sun protection shouldn’t be missing. 

In winter, vitamin D supplementation is now almost mandatory. When we get more sun again, we have to check again whether we need to take supplements.

Critics warn that UV protection limits vitamin D production. However, the expert advises against avoiding care with a sun protection factor for this reason. The skin damage from UV radiation poses a greater risk. Her recommendation: “If in doubt and after laboratory tests, it is better to supplement vitamin D, for example in the form of capsules, than to enjoy excessive sun exposure without protection.

Do Something Good For Your Skin With Nutrition

In addition to care, we can also do something good for the skin with our diet. “The right diet has a major impact on our skin,”

Sugar that we ingest through food can lead to saccharification of the skin, a still relatively unknown beauty risk. Experts speak of glycation, which limits the skin’s ability to regenerate. For this reason, cosmetics manufacturers have been researching ways to stop or even reverse saccharification processes for years.

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