Separating Women

The Top 10 Reasons For Separating Women

Breakups are never nice, but they happen even in the best of families. It is more often women who draw the line and leave the partner. Statistically, women file 52 percent of divorces. The reasons for separating women are varied, but there are also some classics. They can be used to deduce what women want. We also reveal the formula for a stable partnership.

Doubtful Survey Results

The online dating agency Parship has conducted an anonymous survey on why women break up with their partners. The result is the ten most common reasons for separation between women. However, the results hold some surprises and make the men question either the women or the survey.

  • She fell in love with someone else.
  • The (sexual) attraction has been lost.
  • The partner has expectations that are too high.
  • The man is shorter than you.
  • He doesn’t earn enough money.
  • He doesn’t make her feel beautiful.
  • He is late.
  • He doesn’t get along with her friends and family.
  • Too much disagreement
  • She doesn’t feel like his number one.

Surprisingly, other typical reasons for separating women are missing from the list:

  • Infidelity of the partner
  • Different attitudes towards the desire for children
  • Mental and physical violence / aggressive behavior of the man
  • The work is more important to him than the relationship.
  • His friends are more important to him than the relationship.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • He is not manly/strong/confident enough.
  • Greatly different distribution of tasks and work in the relationship

Christmas and summer vacation as sticking points

Separations are rarely a spontaneous decision, but rather announce themselves over a longer period of time. Noticeable: The breakups in long-term relationships are not evenly distributed over the year. About one-third, each is completed as a result of the summer vacation and after the Christmas season. The main reason: Here the couple spends much more time together than in everyday life, so that smoldering conflicts are more likely to come to light.

With regard to the timing of separations, there is another peculiarity: Economic highs cause an increase in the number of separations, while relationships in times of social crisis are rarer.

The Formula For a Stable Partnership

Arguments and disagreements occur even in the best of relationships, but it all comes down to the ratio of positive and negative shared moments. Social scientists have found that the most stable relationships here have a ratio of 5 to 1. For example, after an argument, there are five nice moments, like laughing together, a nice gesture, a small gift, a good conversation, and a tender touch.

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