How Can Your Hair Fight Against Humidity

Fighting Frizz: How Can Your Hair Fight Against Humidity?

Most women, especially those with curly locks, often face the wrath of frizzy hair during humid days. Yes, humidity is also one of your hair’s primary enemies that can jump-start hair issues. The moisture content present in the air can dismantle the proteins in your hair cuticles, causing your hair to become frizzy. But don’t worry, for you can do something to prevent bad hair days from becoming your worst nightmares.

If you think that the best hair growth shampoo is sufficient to discipline your unkempt curls and hair, you are wrong. Check out some of the simple tips to prevent the humid madness from giving you crazy hair days.

How Can You Prevent Humidity From Causing Frizzy Hair?

Here are some simple yet effective tips on how to prevent humidity from causing any frizzy-hair clamor.

1. Never Skip Hair Conditioners In Your Regimen.

Moisturizing your hair with conditioners is the first thing you need to do as part of your humidity-proof hair care routine. When your hair is already dry or damaged, it becomes an easy prey for the water vapor to unbind your hair’s protein sheaths, leading to frizzing or curling. Therefore, always ensure that your locks are well-moisturized by applying hair conditioners generously and evenly all over your hair.

2. Seal Your Hair With Hair Oils And Creams.

Too much humidity in the air can be entirely offensive to your hair, for it can seep into your hair cuticles, causing them to crack and create openings. As a result, moisture leaves your hair, resulting to dryness and frizz. Hence, this unwanted fiasco becomes a killjoy, for it can ruin your overall appearance for the day. To make sure that your hair cuticles are well-sealed, rely on hair oils and creams. These hair products not only preserve moisture, but they also prevent your hair from absorbing too much moisture, thereby preventing your hair from looking flat and lifeless.

3. Keep Your Hair Away From Blow-Dryers.

Wet hair is vulnerable to damage, and so does super dry hair. Sometimes, using your blow-dryer might even enlarge the cracks on your hair’s outer surface and jump-start frizz. On hot and humid days, letting your hair air-dry can be your best option. Air-drying while twisting or creasing your tresses also helps women with curly hair to fix their curls.

However, if circumstances require you to dry your hair quickly, only blow-dry your hair lightly to mitigate the chances of having crimped hair. You can do it by setting the blow-dryer in cool temperature and drying your hair far from your hair and scalp.

The Best Humidity-Proof Hair Products Every Woman Should Use

1. Lightweight Conditioners

As mentioned above, hair conditioners help seal moisture by coating your hair strands with a protective barrier. Unfortunately, not all conditioners are hair-friendly during humid days. Some conditioning products can be heavyweight, especially for fine hair, which can even further weigh hair down. Hence, be smart enough to choose a lightweight hair conditioner to save your hair against flatness and frizz.

2. Smoothing Shampoo

Skipping shampoo should never be an option in an anti-humidity hair care routine. Your scalp naturally produces oils to keep your hair moisturized, so it’s a big no-no to let sebum build up on your scalp. That’s when shampoos come to the rescue in making your hair and scalp squeaky clean. However, too much cleanliness also means little to no oils left to coat, smooth and soften your tresses. Instead, use a smoothing shampoo that can get its job well-done (removing oils. residue, and dirt) while keeping your hair’s surface as smooth and soft as possible.

3. Anti-Humectant Hair Spray

If styling is a part of your every day, never give humidity a chance to trample your hair. Therefore, use an anti-humectant spray to set your hair. Not only does it help keep those disheveled strands and curls in place, but it also inhibits your hair from drawing significant moisture in the air.

Fight Off Frizz With Humidity-Proof Regimen.

Whether the days are hot, cold, sunny, or rainy, the air can still become humid, which is why following the proper humidity-proof regimen is essential. Don’t let bad hair days rein in the way you live your life. Hence, make it a habit to use the best hair growth, moisturizing and anti-frizz products so that you can enjoy the best moments of your life without your hair going crazy.

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