Beautiful Chest And Neckline

Care For a Beautiful Chest And Neckline

The care that must be taken for the chest and neckline is different, since the neckline is more exposed to inclement weather, and therefore needs more hydration.

The differences between chest and neckline are due in large part to the aggression of solar radiation, which affects the neckline much more frequently. The other difference is the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, which is very thin in the neckline and very thick in the chest, which advises that the care has to be different.

Neckline care

As it is a thin skin similar to that of the neck, with a very little natural layer of the protective hydrolipidic mantle, there is easily a great loss of water, leading to its extreme fragility. Therefore, the cleavage should have maximum hydration and the incorporation of regenerating substances that provide flexibility. Of course, in the daytime hours, a product with a solar photoprotection of 15 to 30 will be used and when exposed to the sun on the beach, factor 50of + will be used as total protection in the case of having a history of hyperpigmentation in the area.

As the epidermis of the décolleté becomes keratinized or thickened by the sun, it will be exfoliated weekly with a gentle product, so that the application of specific cosmetics is more effective. The products will be applied at least twice a day and also after practicing sports and towards the shoulders.

If, despite everything, over the years the neckline ages before the face can resort to aesthetic treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or cold laser, which removes stains and stimulates tissue regeneration with remarkable results.

The Chest And The Importance Of The Skin That Surrounds It

Maintaining a firm and plump chest is an arduous task and a frontal battle against gravity that constantly tries to fall. The breasts are made up of mammary glands of highly variable size and weight (from 50 to 400 g / breast) surrounded by subcutaneous tissue based on fat and fibers, all covered with skin. Throughout a woman’s life, the breasts undergo multiple changes. They develop in adolescence, grow with age, and with fluctuations linked to the menstrual cycle develop explosively with pregnancy and lactation. They also gain and lose volume as they gain weight and lose weight. So much change implies a probable breakage of the connective fibers of the fastening tissue and a greater risk of sagging. To avoid this, any of these changes will have to be accompanied by an intensification of care.

The Best Breast Care

The smoother the skin on the chest, the firmer it will be, something that is often unknown. Therefore, let’s remember: the firmness of the breast depends on the quality of your skin. For this, care is essential:

  • Products: Breast products are few, as many women use the same body lotion that they apply to the rest of the body. The specific formulations are based on very moisturizing and toning creams, lotions, or gels. They usually contain plant and mineral extracts with a toning effect, substances that regulate the storage of fat, and also collagen and elastin, which are very necessary for firming. These specific cosmetics (or failing that, the basic body lotion) will be applied twice a day, the same as for the face. They will be applied in circular movements from the outside of each chest to the inside and from the inside to the shoulders. They can be applied at any time in a woman’s life except for breastfeeding.
  • Fresh, almost cold water showers : it is a complementary, very effective, and economical toning activity that causes blood vasoconstriction that activates circulation in the area, toning and tightening the skin.
  • Gymnastic exercises for muscle toning: they work but only up to a certain point because the pectoral muscles only support the structure, they work better if they are toned, but they are not able to keep the whole in place if you are not very young and with little breast volume.

Other Practical Tips

  • It is important to watch your posture, throw your shoulders back, bring your scapulae together and “push your chest out”, even if it is bulky. It will be better for the back and also for the chest than if it is stooped because it wrinkles and falls.
  • Avoid violent exercises, inappropriate bras, and sudden weight loss, as they can break the natural fibers of support of the breast.
  • Do not use hot water as it does not tone if not quite the opposite, and avoid exposures to the sun without frequent bathing for the same reason.
  • Try to sleep on your back or at least not very folded to the side, this is also a good recommendation for the smoothness of the neckline.

Stretch Marks

They are perfectly defined ivory lines that appear on the chest, but also on the hips and buttocks in adolescence and pregnancy.

There is the classical theory that believes that when an area of ​​the body is fattened, the dermis stretches and breaks. The latest theories focus the cause on hormonal changes (puberty or pregnancy) that cause an alteration in the fibroblasts responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Stretch marks evolve in two stages: first, they are pinkish-purple in color and correspond to an inflammatory situation, and then the healing phase occurs in which a depigmented tissue covers the rupture area and whitish lines are perceived, symmetrical on both sides of the body.

The treatments once the stretch marks appear are quite disappointing, it is best to intensify preventive care at the time of hormonal and volume changes. Preventive care consists of generously applying a cream or lotion to the predictably affected area, at least twice a day.

Perseverance And Rigor To Take Care Of The Chest And Neckline

Once again, the effectiveness of chest and décolleté care, like the rest of our skin, goes through choosing the right products and applying them how and how many times a day the manufacturer or prescriber recommends.

The effectiveness that cosmetic companies value is determined on panels of users who use the products with a pattern that implies rigor and perseverance. We will only get good results if we seriously follow cosmetic recommendations.

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