Root Canals, Why Do They Break?

A tooth hurts, a lot, and although you want to delay the visit as long as possible, there comes a time when even breathing causes pain, which you cannot take any longer. And after the regular visit to the dentist, you discover that you have a cavity, too normal root canal tears deep, or with more severe damage than usual and, with a simple filling, they do not fix the problem. Therefore, you have to undergo a root canal, since it is the only way to save the tooth. And after a while, this same tooth breaks, and that is why we ask ourselves, why do root canals break?

This, although it may seem very strange, is very common, since teeth that have undergone endodontics, when removing the root thereof, lose their vitality and strength, and, therefore, it is much easier to shatter, or directly break.

Therefore, to avoid it, you must have very precise dental hygiene, cleaning and eliminating all possible remains of food that are between the teeth, since this is the only way to keep a clean and fit mouth.

It must be remembered that a root canal is a treatment that is subjected to a tooth that has a very deep cavity, and, therefore, the damage of this has exceeded the pulp of the tooth, entering until it affects the dental nerve. To avoid the intense pain that occurs with this infection, you can take two paths, the extraction of this tooth, which ends up with the pain and discomfort, or the one that is always recommended the most by all specialists, trying to keep the highest percentage of teeth possible, and doing a root canal, which ends with the pulp inside it, and with the nerve that makes this pain noticeable.

It must be taken into account that, although this treatment removes the pulp from the inside of the tooth, the outside does not undergo any change, and therefore, although it may be strange, that tooth can be damaged again by cavities, but, with the characteristic that they are more likely to get worse, since, as they do not have dental canals or nerves, the pain is not noticeable until it is too late, and the tooth is almost lost.

That is why dental health specialists insist so much on regular visits to dentists, more to prevent and ensure that everything is in good condition and the mouth and its teeth are not suffering any permanent and strong damage.

Many times we ignore oral problems, without taking into account that oral health is essential for the overall health of people since basic tasks such as feeding are performed with the mouth, in addition to using it as a basis for communication with other people. Therefore, it is essential to have all the teeth in good condition and to make sure they last as long as possible.

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