Haircuits For Short Women

Haircuts | The Haircuts That Best Fit Women Who Are Short

If you are under 1.60 and want to show off a more stylized figure, these are the favorite haircuts for short women. They look great and don’t shorten your height!

There are haircuts that should be off your list if you are a short woman, such as extra long, layered, afro style, shag and with a lot of volume on the head. These hairstyles create an illusion of shorter stature to the eye and are not recommended for women who are 1.60 meters tall. So what options are there if you are short ?

Right now we reveal those cuts that will make you look taller, more stylized and chic for the rest of the year. Take a screenshot of them!

Haircuits For Short Women

Polished Lob

Your best friends are the cuts that are between the chin and the clavicle, like the lob or long bob. This is slightly shorter in the neck and longer front and looks much better it straight if you chaparrita and round face. The shape of the hair will disguise the cheeks, while creating a subtle lengthening effect.

Asymmetric Midi

For those who love the way long hairstyles looks , there is an option that prolongs the size of the hair in sight and does NOT make you look shorter: the asymmetrical midi. It’s about cutting the hair down to shoulder length, leaving one side slightly longer than the other to create that illusion of lengthening. The recommendation is to wear it hyper-straight or with very soft waves.

Bob Carre

The solid micro bob and the bob with volume on top are the best styles for those under 1.60. The reason? They make you look a couple of inches taller, add a touch of Parisian style to your look and are in trend for the remainder of 2020. For its part, the micro bob is a straight cut that reaches before the jaw, while The bob carre is one of the best short haircuts , which has bangs and soft waves.


It is a type of casual pixie and perfect for those who like to look feminine and in a French mood . The Features: It has a bare nape, the short sides cover the ears (a bit), and the voluminous top section is the secret to looking taller. If you want to wear a fringe, bet on the side or curtain ones, especially if you have a round face.

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