3 Easy Steps To Fight Cellulite

3 Easy Steps To Fight Cellulite


The natural miracle accessory to fight against cellulite exists: your hands! Regular massage of fatty areas of the body allows you to activate your blood circulation and remove cellulite. All you need is the right massage oil for palpable results.

Step 1: Prepare your own anti-cellulite oil

First of all, to boost the action of your hands, start by preparing your own anti-cellulite massage oil . For the composition, we suggest you opt for  organic jojoba oil and organic lemon essential oil.

For the formulation, take a tablespoon of organic jojoba vegetable oil. It will be useful for its rebalancing properties. Then, simply add 2 drops of organic lemon essential oil . This will be practical for eliminating fat since it has strong draining power.

Step 2: Do an anti-cellulite massage on your legs and thighs

Is your homemade massage oil ready? It’s time to practice your anti-cellulite massage . Below are simple technical actions to do on your legs, calves and legs for 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

First, apply your preparation to your legs.

Next, form a clamp with your hand and grab a large fold of skin from your inner thigh.

Held between your thumb and fingers, roll this crease toward the outside of the thigh , like a wave. Then, do the same for the calf.

Finally, gently knead the entire inside of the thigh with your whole hand, starting from the knee and going up to the top.

Once this is done, change legs and perform the same operation.

Step 3: Drink detox herbal tea regularly

To complete your massage, we recommend the simple recipe for a draining anti-cellulite herbal tea. 

2 to 3 times a day drink a cup of organic green tea.

To get effective results, you can add a drop of Organic Lemon essential oil. If you are a sensitive sleeper, consume your 3 cups before mid-afternoon.

And here is an easy-to-make anti-cellulite treatment, with organic jojoba oil and organic lemon essential oil!

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