Consume Yogurt To Thin The Waistline

Consume Yogurt To Thin The Waistline

Several scientific studies confirm the beneficial effect of yogurt, when included in a varied and well-balanced diet, for weight control and slimming.

At breakfast , accompanied by fresh and dried fruit, as a snack with the addition of honey and a small portion of oat flakes or whole grains, or at the end of the meal , together with a square of dark chocolate, to replace dessert : yogurt is a tasty food , which lends itself to many combinations, and for this reason both adults and children choose it , at various times of the day. Its nutritional properties are well known, starting from the beneficial effects that its regular consumption brings to the intestine , regulating its proper functioning. Being a probiotic food in fact, yogurt helps to strengthen the bacterial flora , and to activate the immune system . But that’s not all: according to the results of a recent study sponsored by the American Heart Association , the Framingham Heart Study , conducted on over 3,000 adults monitored for 10 years, consuming 3 servings of yogurt a week would help to maintain their weight more easily. The research found a 50% lower weight gain and a 15% lower waistline for those who regularly consumed yogurt. 

Further confirmation of how much this food represents a valid aid in the fight against overweight and obesity, also comes from the results of the American study NHANES ( National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ), published in 2015: the survey, which involved 5124 subjects aged between 2 and 18 years , showed that regular consumption of yogurt (once a week) favors the reduction of waist circumference and body fat . The same study also revealed that those who consume yogurt are generally more attentive to their well -being and inclined to practice sports .

Furthermore, yogurt would represent a panacea for women on a diet as the probiotics contained in it would help the category of the fairer sex to lose weight more easily . Underlining this is a study published in the British Journal of Medicine , which suggests that a low- calorie diet associated with the consumption of yogurt with probiotics would lead to better results in terms of weight loss.

In fact, yogurt contains proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and lactic ferments , essential ingredients for the correct regulation of some biological mechanisms such as the sense of satiety , lipolysis activity and insulin resistance , as well as a lower absorption of fats .

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