The Secret To Effective Weight Loss It's Hidden In The Numbers!

The Secret To Effective Weight Loss? It’s Hidden In The Numbers!

If someone thinks that Effective Weight Loss is only about diets, sacrifices, suffering and zero results, then they are very mistaken. So what is the secret of all fitness girls?

With a clear conscience, they indulge in McDonald’s or cake, but despite this, their figure looks great. The answer is quite simple. They can afford it. They know their daily calorie intake, and if a cookie fits into that intake, they can eat it. Many of us find calorie counting complicated, but is it really? What if you’re just too comfortable to find out that it doesn’t have to be that way at all?

You can calculate your daily income in a few seconds. There are several options on the Internet, where you enter your height, weight, age, gender into a special calculator and you get the result right away. But what to do with this number? To begin with, the application “Caloric Tables” will help you a lot, which will calculate all the calories you have taken for you, and you will be very surprised because of what little things your weight loss so far has not worked. If you want to lose weight , your body must be in a caloric deficit, which means that it must take in fewer calories than it expends.

There are no bad or good foods in this flexible diet. It only depends on the right choice of food. Choose any food you like, not according to a drastic diet. However, I recommend choosing healthy food that will keep you full for a longer time, but feel free to treat yourself to something tasty as well.

Losing weight is also a process based on psychological well-being, and I know from my own experience that just the thought that you “can” do something unhealthy is really comforting. If your daily intake is 1500 kcal and you had a cookie, nothing happens. The remaining foods need to be fine-tuned so that your result at the end of the day does not exceed the recommended 1500 kcal.

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