Winter Skin

Winter Skin And Hair Care

Winter and cold are two adjectives that the skin does not usually like. In the winter season, all skins suffer, more or less, from changes in temperature, and need special care.

The Cold On The Skin

The cold every time they face the outside, and the change to hot and dry climates inside caused by the use and abuse of heaters and systems to maintain an optimal temperature inside, are the causes that the More exposed skin, such as the face and hands, lose water and dry out very easily, causing redness and annoying chilblains. To avoid this, in addition to drinking at least a liter and a half of liquid to hydrate the skin from within, without abusing excitants such as coffee, it is advisable to use a moisturizer, which in addition to protecting against inclement weather, keeps her hydrated.

The hands, as we have mentioned, are another of the points that need extra care, since the sudden changes in temperature to which we expose them can cause chilblains to appear, among other annoying wounds. Therefore, use creams rich in vitamins, be careful with the application of enamels, which must be removed regularly, to be able to sanitize and treat the nails, and finally, pay extra attention to the cuticles, so that they do not leave Exposed hypersensitive skin bits that can bleed and damage hands. You also have to be careful with too extreme hand hygiene, since it is not good to abuse the cleaning of hands with soap and water in the coldest times.

And not only the skin of the face and hands, it is the one that needs extra care, the rest of the body, it also needs that you dedicate extra time. It is best to start the day with a warm and quick shower, where the skin can retain the necessary moisture, in addition, it must be borne in mind that not drying out completely, and applying a cream that retains the moisture from the shower, are the best tricks that can be followed. Despite the fact that with the cold the desire to show off the most meticulous waxing disappears, since the skirts and shorts that reveal part of our anatomy have been banished while waiting for the return of the warmer months, you have to do your guts heart, and maintain it, as well as, at least once a month, perform a body exfoliation, to avoid peeling of the skin, eliminating dead cells. Yes indeed,

Despite the layers of clothing that we wear in winter, we like to leave that good aroma that accompanies us, and that lasts, but creams or colonies with alcohol dry out the skin and make skin irritations appear, so it is more advisable to use creams with a minimum amount of alcohol.

The Cold In Hair

Many times we forget that the cold also takes its toll on hair, opening the healthy hair routine carecuticles and weakening them, thus leaving hair fragile and dull. Therefore, the shampoo should be changed, looking for one that protects the hair and strengthens it from the inside, hydrating it from the inside. In addition, it is also advisable to use a mask once a week, leaving it to act for half an hour before removing it with warm water.

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