Workout During Pregnancy

Fit Through Pregnancy: Low-Impact Workout For Legs, Buttocks, And Back

Workout During Pregnancy? Definitely useful, especially against back pain. Together with “HIIT Together” we present you a gentle, but all-around effective workout for legs, bottom, and lower back. This will keep you fit and flexible during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be for many a reason to turn the previous exercise regimen to the head jumps should be banned from the training plan and the belly is sooner or later anyway in many exercises in the way. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forego firming strengthening exercises entirely.

Appropriate Training Has Many Benefits For Pregnancy

So you can do sports while pregnant, stimulate the metabolism and tighten your skin sustainably. Also, typical pregnancy symptoms such as back pain can be alleviated well with the right training program. This workout in particular strengthens your entire lower body – including your lower back.

To be on the safe side, you should always consult a doctor beforehand to determine whether and which sport you can still do with a baby in your tummy.

Together with the sports scientist and new mom Chrissi from the  Instagram channel “HIIT together”  we will show you what a safe and effective workout can look like during pregnancy. No equipment is required for this – so grab your fitness mat and get started!

Low-Impact Workout For Beginners And Advanced

Very important: Discuss beforehand with a gynecologist whether you are allowed to perform the exercises shown. Because everybody and every pregnancy is different.

Chrissi recommends that all beginners do the exercises with power for 20 seconds per side and then pause for 20 seconds. You can repeat this four times in total – so you do four rounds of five exercises each.

Advanced users with training experience –  and sufficient breath –  can perform each exercise for 40 seconds and take a break of only 10 to 20 seconds. Notice how you feel about it and take the break your body needs.

Important: Maintain tension in your upper body for safe execution during each exercise. Most of all, focus on keeping your back straight and breathing evenly.

5 Gentle Exercises For Legs, Bottom, And Lower Back

Pendulum Lunges (Left And Right):

Take a natural lunge step, the knee should not protrude over the toes. The upper body remains straight and does not fall forward. Then switch sides.

Prisoner Squats :

Cross your arms behind your head and get into the wide squat. A straight back is essential. Pull your shoulders back and bend your upper body very slightly – but straight! – Forward.

Pulsing Squats :

Go into the wide squat and pulse lightly. Again, make sure that your back is straight and tense everything firmly!

Side Lung :

Take a long lunge to the side. Keep your upper body straight and push your buttock far back.

Donkey Kicks (left and right):

Go to the quadruped stand. Keep your back straight and move one leg up at a 90-degree angle. The heel points towards the ceiling. So pull your tens towards the floor and tighten your entire body firmly. Repeat with the other leg.

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