Tips To Makeup Thin Lips

Lipsticks For Thin Lips | Best Tips To Makeup Thin Lips

Refined and elegant, thin lips can acquire even more charm and sensuality if valued correctly. Often, those who possess them would like to make them appear more fleshy, fuller and turgid. To do this, in reality, a few simple tricks within everyone’s reach are enough: your lips will thus become real weapons of seduction.

Make-up For Thin Lips: Preparation For Make-up

To make up thin lips, the first step is to prepare them for make-up with a specific moisturizer, to be applied on dry lips.

Therefore, focusing on natural make-up will prove to be the winning choice.

Make-up For Thin Lips: Choosing The Right Lipstick

For fine lips, choose lipsticks in light colors such as antique pink, baby and the whole range of nudes. Yes, even in bright colors such as coral, instead of avoiding very dark lipsticks such as burgundy and purple, which tend to shrink the lips. Use a brush to apply the lipstick, and always opt for a glossy lipstick and not matte because giving light to the lips will make them appear more voluminous.

Make-up For Thin Lips: A Touch Of Gloss

If you don’t particularly like lipsticks, opt for glosses, perfect for those with thin lips. Always choose shades of pink and bright, shiny and mother-of-pearl lip glosses such as Plump & Shine Seduce by Beauties Direct: your lips will thus seem decidedly fuller and more inviting with simple but very chic make-up.

Make-up For Thin Lips: The Lip Contour

Another trick to enhance thin lips is to draw the contour with a pencil to outline and enlarge them. Choose the pencil of a lighter shade than the lipstick you will use, then blend the contour delicately with the help of a sponge and fix it, dabbing it with a veil of powder.

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