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Perfect Natural Lips

Perfect Natural Lips: Many of us would love to be sporting perfect natural lips throughout the day and not have to worry about cracking or drying out. We abuse lipsticks and moisturizers that do not always work to achieve this.

We can give you the simplest and most natural solution to achieve this. If you want to find out how just keep reading to find out how to achieve  and not go broke trying.

Perfect Natural Lips – Sugar

We will use the sugar to make a gentle exfoliation. We need that exfoliation to remove the traces of dead skin that remain on the lips and give our lips that dry appearance. For this, we use sugar because it maintains its solid-state for a long time.

We have to place a little on the lips and rub them gently. When we stop rubbing them, we will see them pinker and slightly swollen.

Perfect Natural Lips – Mint

It is a natural antiseptic. When we remove the sugar, we can access the deepest crevices of the lips and rub them with a bit of mint. In this way, we will remove traces of dirt and any bacteria or pollutant that prevents them from being perfect.

Perfect Natural Lips – Vaseline

You can use all kinds of moisturizers, but none will work as much and as effectively as petroleum jelly. Just apply a generous coat and let it work for half an hour. What has not been absorbed in half an hour, you remove it with a washcloth.

And in this way, we get  You will not need a gloss or lipstick, much less an expensive moisturizer. You only need to do this treatment once a week and every day, apply a drop of Vaseline to maintain them. Even if you are going to paint them, do not stop spreading the petroleum jelly five minutes before so that later, your lipstick stands out more.

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