Routine For Skincare In Times Of Coronavirus

Routine For Skincare In Times Of Coronavirus

What ingredients to add? What mistakes to avoid? Everything you need to know about how to treat your skin taking into account how masks affect and much more.

Covid-19 seems to have crept into all aspects of our lives. From family and social aspects to working, psychological, and even physical. In that aspect, we look at one that, although it is not vital, it does affect many people in their day-to-day life and how they see themselves. We are talking about the skin. The new habits have brought with them some changes and skin problems. To begin with, surely you have noticed that the mask affects you.

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” Acne due to the Covid-19 mask is a mechanical acne caused by continuous friction in people with acne-prone tendencies and aggravated by the microclimate that is generated by humidity and sweat in the area, and also affecting factors such as stress”, 

Eye Contour

Since we have worn the mask, the eyes have become the most exposed area of ​​the face and with which we communicate and express ourselves. The eye contour, according to Gema Herrerías, is indicated even for young skin in order to prevent premature aging of the area.

«Each person has specific needs – such as wrinkles, sagging, bags, vascular dark circles, pigmented dark circles and/or dehydration – and, for this reason, the selection of the cosmetic product to expressly adapt to the needs of that eye contour is very important. », Adds the expert.

The effectiveness of cosmetics for the eye contour depends on several factors, from adherence to treatment (it is necessary to be constant for long periods of time), to recognize the type and origin of the bag or dark circles. If the dark circles are due to lack of sleep for example, if the lifestyle is not modified, they will not be able to be solved.


Due to the use of a Covid-19 mask, for the same reasons that the dermatological pathology of acne is aggravated, an increase in lesions on the lip mucosa has been observed, from dryness, cracks to cheilitis, or perioral dermatitis.

That is why it is more necessary than ever to keep the lips hydrated under the mask. The advice of Gema Herrerías is to use sticks and lip balms that contain ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids several times a day. 

Blue Light

«There are different sources of blue visible light emission, the natural one from solar radiation, the artificial one that comes from electronic devices (such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc.) as well as low-energy artificial light sources from technology (LEDs). Studies suggest that the screens could have harmful effects on the skin, contributing to the aging of the skin “, answers the expert.

He tells us that natural blue visible light has already been shown to cause oxidative stress and activate melanocytes, increasing skin pigmentation. “Blue light accelerates premature skin aging, although to a lesser degree than ultraviolet radiation,” he adds.

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