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11 Tips For New Fathers

The birth of your own child is one of the most decisive moments in life. A woman’s pregnancy is already something special, but as soon as the child sees the light of day, life turns upside down. To make the early days a little easier for new fathers.

1. Learn Children’s Songs

Almost all babies love it when their parents sing. It pleases and calms them. Learn a few children’s songs and finger games such as “The Cuckoo and the Donkey”, “Sleeping Beauty” or “10 little fidget men”.

2. Buy Wool-Silk Baby Clothes

Invest a few euros more for wool-silk baby clothing , preferably organic. They are not only better for the baby because they regulate the temperature, but they are also much more practical to use. The fabric is flexible and is therefore much easier to put on for a baby than cotton clothes.

3. The Nursery Can Wait

Babies are so helpless. Unless they are dozing in the stroller or the cradle, a parent (or someone they trust) must always be with them. It is usually in the bedroom, kitchen and living room with the parents all the time. It often takes years for a child to play alone in their room. In contrast to what the many Hollywood films convey: A children’s room has absolutely no priority, but can also be prepared much later.

4. Fewer Media Consumption

You have run out of time since the baby was born? You can get it back by less dodging on your cell phone, watching TV, and sitting in front of the computer. Of course, you can still do all of these things and can also provide relaxation at the end of a long day. But do it consciously and realize what is just a waste of time at this stage of your life.

5. Support Your Wife

Your everyday life as a couple, built up over the years, comes to an end with the arrival of this child. The attention your partner has given you will temporarily wane. This now sounds worse than it is, because the three of you will find a new structure and when the baby is a few days older there will be time for two again. But right now you are the most support they can get. Make sure your wife and child have everything they need for a complication-free daily routine. As a father, you are now responsible for your family!

6. Don’t Whine

It’s not easy as a new father, but that’s nothing compared to what the woman goes through. First the pregnancy and the (usually painful) birth, lots of hormones, the change in the body, always being there for the child … So please don’t complain to your wife about how difficult it is for you, but rather help her by you Wrap and carry the baby as often as possible, help out around the house and eat regularly. Even if you work full-time: 8 hours at work is usually less strenuous than caring for the baby all day. Or would you like to swap?

7. Take Parental Leave

Take at least two months of parental leave to do as much as possible with your child during this time so that you can get to know each other better and lay the foundation for a good father-child relationship. In addition, by spending time at home you will get a better feeling and understanding of what kind of heroine your wife is, who otherwise has to do everything on her own during the day. Also, keep in mind: Your child will never again make as many rapid developmental steps in their life as in the first few years – you can never make up for what you miss here.

8. Make Clear Announcements

You don’t want someone to visit your home shortly after the birth? Then let the potential visitors know that you want to enjoy the first few days as a family undisturbed! The well-wishers shouldn’t give away some trash? Then tell them what else you can use or what you should not bring with you! You don’t want visitors to smoke, not even on the balcony or in the garden? Then clarify that before the visit comes, so that there are no barriers later!

9. No Permanent Fire On Facebook And Co.

You are sure to be incredibly proud of your child and want to share it with the whole world. Everyone has to answer for themselves whether someone shares pictures of their children on the Internet. But if you do it, please don’t post every proverbial pup on Facebook and Instagram. Focus on your child, not the number of likes!

10. Don’t (always) Listen To Your Parents

In the last few decades, research has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the conditions under which children and their talents can best develop. Many well-intentioned tips from mothers and fathers are outdated. In addition, the memory is deceptive – we mostly (and luckily) forget negative things over the years and so your parents will of course think that it used to be soooo different and not that complicated at all. Take the time to review a good, up-to-date guide (tip: Baby Years or Our Baby – The First Year ) to be certain of what is really good and beneficial for your baby – and what is not.

11. Provide Your Child With An Email Address

Due to lack of sleep and everyday stress, you run the risk of forgetting many beautiful moments. The noble resolution to write something in a booklet in the evening usually fails due to practical implementation. The better alternative: give your child an email address and occasionally write them a message on their smartphone when something particularly nice, exciting or remarkable has happened. At the same time, you can easily send pictures and small videos. When your child reads the e-mails in 10, 20 or 30 years from now, they will surely be grateful to their dad for these memories.

We congratulate you on being a father and wish you all the best!

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