How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well For Every Occasion

Knowing how to dress well is not always so easy and intuitive for men. Fortunately, we live in an era in which, thanks to the internet, it is not so difficult. Indeed, on the net it is possible to find many blogs, posts, portals and sites, where you can find the right advice to never miss the outfit. With a little patience and a pinch of dedication, even boys can easily reach a level of good taste that is more than acceptable.The right combination will determine the success of the chosen outfit. So below with the tips and let’s see to avoid big beginner mistakes.

Shopping Panic

For most men the word shopping triggers a considerable inner tribulation. This word, this act in itself very simple and almost daily, arouses great fears and repulsion in many men. Always considered a feminine prerogative, finally knowing “how to dress well” is finally transcending common boundaries and broadening horizons towards the world male community. On the net you can find many sites, blogs and portals that can help the male world in choosing the perfect look, without falling into stereotypes, or combinations that touch kitsch. You just need to want to read up a bit and follow some simple advice. Let’s see ours then

The Vintage Is So Fashionable

Looking to the future, but always with an eye to the past. Consequently, it is also right to recognize and respect it through masculine elegance. In recent years, the vintage style has returned to the fore . So much so that the slightly “retro Dandy” man is highly appreciated, especially in the age groups between 35 and 50. So for those who want to appear under a golden patina of the sixties, they can wear double-breasted blazers with golden buttons, very elegant Oxford shoes in aged leather, wide-shelled trousers and linen shirts. A style with an English flavor that so fascinates the fair sex. Until a few years ago it was almost the exclusive prerogative of the hipster category, today it is more popular than ever in the ranks of men of all ages.

A Timeless Classic

The elegant trench is part of the classic, indeed the timeless trench. Yes, because this item of clothing has always gone and always will go, we are sure. A safe combination is honey-colored trench coat + blue canvas trousers. A must never miss in the wardrobe. For the trousers, a nice dark blue denim with rolled up cuffs and a Texan-style shoe to complete the whole. An alternative, a little more casual, is the combination of trench coat + jeans + t-shirt + white sneakers. Suitable for any season, perfect for any age.

YOU Must Have At Least One Good Suit In Your Closest

And one that is a basic color, be it gray, black or navy blue (or all three). A fitted suit that you can take advantage of for big occasions. I do not mean just any suit. You must invest your money as if you were going to buy any other “investment” for the future. You may be going to wear it on rare occasions, but if you take care of it and keep your weight regularly, you can always say that you are right when the occasion requires it.

Jeans, They Are Basic

As long as you have a good pair of jeans, it will happen to you as with the suit; that you will be successful. Try to have some blue and some black , that fit you well and that you wear regularly, either with a shirt or sweater or with a blazer.

Cottons Pants

Cotton pants, of the Chinese type or more to dress, are essential for those occasions when you want to look better than with jeans. It is better that you buy a couple of tones like navy blue or cream, and you will see how the possibilities with them are endless.

An Extra Touch Of Color

Who said men can’t dress in colors? Colors, shades and shades are absolutely not strictly female prerogative, quite the contrary. History has changed today and knowing how to dress well for a man also means knowing how to choose the right colors and their color combinations.For example, the jacket and pants suit can dare a little more and be colored just enough to give it volume and character.

A coral color to be more daring, a pastel blue to remember where we come from, but also bright shades like emerald green rather than electric blue. Of course we are not talking about a total color, you would risk making the figure of many cheerful harlequins. So if the trench coat remains beige, the shirt could be coral colored perhaps combined with a slim fit double-breasted jacket or with two buttons in coral red or coral pink. Just to be daring a little. Never go overboard and use colors in moderation. As a primary advice, before leaving the house always look in the mirror first! He doesn’t lie.

Fashion Accessories

Regarding this section, we must consider that many times the campaigns of the brands that we wear tend to present the use of fashion accessories , with different styles and color combinations. Especially in winter seasons, the use of hats should not be out of harmony, each combination with other garments must follow a style, and even more closely keep a close relationship with the colors used to dress.

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