How To Have Thick Hair

How To Have Thick Hair? Grandmother’s Advice, Herbs And Haircuts

Beautiful, long, shiny and especially thick hair is the dream of many women. But the truth is, if you don’t have it in your genetic makeup, you can literally stand on your head and never achieve the look you see on magazine covers and social media. But is all lost beforehand?

Many women consider their hair a problem area. Not only that, they may not want to grow. They are also dull or variously damaged. However, finding the right way to care for it is not always easy. There are several factors at play. And only a certain part of them can be influenced.

What, unfortunately, none of us can influence is genetics . If you have weak and sparse hair in your family, don’t count on getting charming thick waves over time. And vice versa. On the other hand, you can influence your daily diet and hair care . Even if it seems like little, with the right techniques you will achieve the best possible results.

How about thick hair?

You can’t conjure up thick hair based on an order. Which is perhaps a bit of a shame. However, owners of weak and thin hair should not panic. They too can make a difference.

First try:

  • Use of natural food supplements
  • Eat enough protein
  • Using gentler hair colors
  • Limit exposure to heat
  • Using the right types of combs and brushes

It may sound strange, but you definitely won’t get thicken your hair by working on the hair you already have on your head. It is quite possible that your hair will be completely fine. However, when they are constantly damaged and falling out, your hairstyle looks less voluminous. The first thing you should focus on is hair nutrition. We will mention the specific components below.

Grandma’s advice for thick hair

When you get rid of your bad habits, which can weaken even very resistant curls, you can try the tricks of our grandmothers. Some women in the past were not allowed to use hair masks and egg wraps . However, you must be careful not to wash with hot water. You really don’t want beaten eggs in your hair.

Olive oil wraps also have a very good effect on the hair . Apply it again to the scalp and lengths and let it work under a towel. This time, pay attention to the quality of shampooing. Otherwise, you will go to work or school with badly licked strands.

Among the more modern lines is the avocado hair mask . So it is up to you and your preferences which method you choose.

Herbs for thick hair

Herbs that are most often recommended for thick hair include nettle, brewer’s yeast or horsetail . Don’t forget the vitamins. The most important are B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E.

How to cut thick hair

Cutting thick hair can be a bit challenging. Because the scissors may not handle this volume. Therefore, it is definitely better to make an appointment with an experienced hairdresser who will professionally cut your hair to the desired length. At home, there is a risk that you will cut the ends and your hair will not be the same length everywhere. Which could spoil the overall impression of otherwise nice hair.

Care for thick hair

A hairstyle for thick hair should support its well-groomed appearance. You won’t show the world frayed ends that detract from volume (not just visually). This cut should be constantly renewed. And within a few weeks.

A healthy diet is also important . Forget about fast food, which is nice, but will only supply your body with empty calories and a lot of fat. Instead, indulge in protein-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables, nuts or legumes are perfect for you.

Haircuts for thick hair

For thick hairstyles, choose a more cropped look. And not only in summer. Thick hair has more volume and is heavier. Therefore, you may feel warm in it and it may not be easy to adjust under normal circumstances. In addition, if you have a suitable hair shape, you can afford very thick (longer) bangs. Which is very elegant!

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