Do Tattoos Still Have An Impact On A Career These Days?

The madness has never been greater: Nowadays, almost every fifth German has a tattoo. But how is body art received in the job – is it still a career killer or is it now completely accepted?

Lettering, mandala, or anchor: around one in five Germans now has a tattoo – and the trend is rising.

Tattoos ideas are considered modern, cool, and hip. For a long time now, tattoos have not been exclusively associated with rough seafarers or former prisoners. The times are over!

But how tolerant do employers really deal with tattoos of their (potential) employees?

Are tattoos socially acceptable in the office right up to the executive floor or do they still have to be hidden under long sleeves?

Who Can Be Tattooed Where?

  • In order to answer the question of whether tattoos still have an impact on a career these days, the office supplier ‘Viking’ carried out a representative study with 1,000 German employees.
  • The result showed that 43 percent of German workers are now tattooed.
  • The number of tattooed women is higher than that of men: 47 percent of working women are tattooed compared to 39 percent of men.
  • The 25 to 34-year-olds represent the most tattooed age group.
  • The most popular spot for tattoos is on the poor (52 percent). Tattoos on the wrist or on the fingers are less easy to hide. After all, almost one in five has chosen this position.

Bad Experiences With Tattoos In The Workplace

The survey also showed that 60 percent of middle management employees wear tattoos, but only 33 percent of employees without managerial responsibility have tattoos.

Obviously, many people still believe that tattoos have negative connotations: one in ten believes that their own tattoo designs have a negative impact on how they are perceived at work.

In fact, 37 percent of respondents have had bad experiences because of their tattoos in the workplace, the reasons for this being political (75 percent) or military (61 percent) symbols or symbols from the field of pop culture (65 percent).

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