Magnesium As a Remedy For Fatigue, But Not Only

Magnesium, Nutrition in a varied and balanced way is the first step to preserve health. However, when the climatic conditions put a strain on the organism, help can come from integration

The summer season is for many the most awaited, because it rhymes with holidays, relaxation and free time , to be dedicated to leisure and sport. The days that get longer, also bring with them higher temperatures which – as in the case of the current summer – can subject the body to excessive stress . To understand how to best live this period, we asked for help from Doctor Caterina Origlia , specialist in Internal Medicine.

“In every season, certain needs can be presented more easily – explains the doctor – and the correct use of trace elements can represent the trump card to face the usual or extra activities with an extra gear (in particular, I am referring to the many activities sports and outdoor activities that are practiced more often in the summer) “.

During the summer, a valid help comes from magnesium , which is not a simple trace element, but a catalyst of three hundred or more enzymes , capable of interacting with all the mechanisms of cell activation . It is a perfect rebalancing agent and can be taken by everyone : both by those who arrive exhausted on departure for the long-awaited holidays and therefore feel the need to recharge, and by those who suffer accumulated stress and suffer from irritability and nervousness . In combination with a correct diet , rich in seeds and whole foods, magnesium is also good for who it should be sedated , and not reactivated or further toned.

Magnesium therefore has a dual function : it gives tone but also relaxation , it is an antagonist of adrenaline and noradrenaline, and it is perfect in a season like the summer one, during which the body is subjected to many stresses : just think of the stress of the change (not least, climate change), travel, more frequent physical activity, sweating, intensified rhythms, a diet richer in sugar (the consumption of ice cream, for example, this season generally suffers a soaring) »emphasizes the specialist.

Furthermore, the apparently more banal aspects should not be neglected – adds the expert – such as the fact of sleep less , having difficulty in falling asleep and so on. Again, magnesium can help. In women it also significantly reduces menstrual pain by regulating the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovaries. In men, on the other hand, it is able to regulate the hypothalamus, pituitary and testicles : it is therefore particularly suitable for those who practice intense sporting activity . Another category that should not do without magnesium is that of diabetics ; without forgetting that, by acting on the detoxification of the liver , this trace element is a precious ally for the accused liver pains or for those who need support for the heart .

concludes: As always, the dose is to be established on the basis of various factors , even more so in the case of magnesium which has the function of modulating . In any case, in the milder forms of deficiency, one vial twice a week may suffice . On the other hand, those who arrive at the departure for the holidays feeling very tired, will have to take one vial twice a day . There are those who take it for one or two weeks and those who do not give up their dose of magnesium all year round: there is no precise rule. Of course, if you feel tired it would be useful to start before the great heat : even from late spring, it is possible to take this trace element, in order to rebalance more gradually .

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