Beautiful Smile

The Path To A Beautiful Smile Is Not Easy

Beautiful Smile, Humanity has completely changed its opinion on some things over time. Whether it is a political regime or a fashion trend. Some people say that fashion is a circle and many old-fashioned things become the biggest hits again. In this article, I decided to focus on dental braces.  Who hasn’t seen at least one movie about a girl with braces, glasses and extra pleats who goes through a makeover, lose weight, starts wearing lenses and takes off her braces? From “Ugly Betty” she is suddenly the queen of the dance floor, and the one who ignored her all his life will see in her the love of his life.

The toothbrush is now widely available

Every woman wants to be beautiful. But let’s pour some pure wine, we don’t always feel like dressing up so completely and we certainly don’t always look like cut out of a fashion magazine. Teeth are for life. Of course, there are also prostheses, bridges, artificial teeth… but let’s now focus on our natural ones. Time moves uncompromisingly forward, and today dentists use techniques that we could not even dream of ten years ago. The Hollywood smile is already available even for “ordinary mortals”. A smile is said to be the most beautiful thing a woman has. However, when the teeth are yellow or crooked, it can spoil the overall impression.

It doesn’t matter when you start wearing it

It is best to groom the teeth during puberty, because this is when the teeth are best manipulated. In the past, wearing braces for children was almost a nightmare. The children made fun of themselves because of him, even bullied each other. Today, it is not taken that way at all. Almost every second child wears a machine. Many children even enjoy it and not only do not consider it an abomination, it is an ornament, they are proud of it. Even adults wear braces, because healthy and straight teeth are a real treasure.

You have a choice

The achievements of the time brought us, in addition to classic metal movements, various novelties. Sometimes a removable night brace is enough. Then there are white ceramic movements, you hardly notice them at first glance. Locks can also be placed from the inside of the teeth. There is also a so-called invisible machine “INVISALIGN”. Of course, every joke costs something, and invisibility is directly proportional to the price. Thanks to this, everyone can find what suits them best and make a choice based on that.

It’s not the most pleasant thing

Whether you like braces is up to you, but it is often more about health than aesthetics. I honestly admire anyone who has gone through wearing braces, it’s not as easy as it seems. The first month of getting used to it is the worst. The way of brushing teeth and eating will change. Of course, what kind of pain you have and how long you will wear it depends on the diagnosis, and even there it is individual. 

Every visit to the dentist is often followed by two days of pain until the teeth get used to it again. When they take your braces off, you have to wear the stabilizer for a long time. Dental braces for children are not fully reimbursed by insurance companies, and adults must pay for them in full. But over time you get used to it and the result, beautiful straight teeth, is definitely worth it. My personal experience is that when I imagine that I have already brushed my teeth and should brush them again, the evening trips to the refrigerator completely pass me by.

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