Obsession With Curly Hair? Eliminate Frizz With These Tips!

Obsession With Curly Hair? Eliminate Frizz With These Tips!

Curly Hair: you’ve probably tried EVERYTHING. You have slept with a silk pillow, you have dried your hair with a cotton t-shirt, you have put on all the possible postings that you have seen on the internet … Forget about vinegar, lemon and eggs: we bring you the tricks and products that you They will help you say goodbye to frizzy hair and tame the dreaded frizz once and for all.

Your Curly Hair Will No Longer Give You Headaches!

You wake up in the morning, you go to the bathroom, you look in the mirror … “oh, oh” your hair gives you away! You immediately think that this day no longer solves anything and that the only remedy is for the frizz to disappear just by magic. Do not panic! We have compiled the essential tips to know yes or yes to not let frizz ruin your good mood. Take note. You will want to recommend them to all your friends, let’s get started!

Our Tips For Saying “Bye, Bye” To Frizz

If in a hairdresser you said: « What is the question that most people ask you every day? “Any hairdresser would answer: ” What do I do to get rid of frizz? “. It is, without any doubt, one of the eternal and widespread doubts about hair care because it is a problem that we all suffer at some point in our lives.

The frizz occurs when there is a lack of hydration, essential fatty acids and proteins in the hair fibre. There are climatic factors that propitiate it and aggravate the problem, such as excessive sun, wind or rain, but it is also true that in most cases, we can prevent rather than cure to win the battle against frizz.

It becomes an enemy of the hair because it prevents us from controlling it and gives it a careless and neglected appearance. It is time to pay attention to it and say goodbye forever.

Don’t Give Up On The Mask.

The frizz appears when our hair cries hydration and nutrition, when we have very porous or when we tintamos very often, and we restore the hair’s health. Do not give up using a mask at least a couple of times a week. Your hair will appreciate it, and you will be able to enjoy a personal moment of pampering. We are sure that it will become your zen moment of disconnection, and it will become a routine.

Watch Out For The Towel!

We make a mistake very quickly to mistreat the hair when it is easier to break: in a wet state. We get out of the shower, and the first thing we do is wrap our hair in a towel and rub it as if our lives were running out of it! No, your hair will not dry out sooner, and yes, your hair will be damaged more. Also, this practice will cause static electricity to appear.

Our tip :

Remove excess moisture from the hair by strands, wrapping them in the towel and pressing gently, without rubbing. Not a trace of electrified hair!

The Trick To Eliminating Frizzy Hair: Styling Cream

Styling creams are experiencing a real boom in hair care because they allow styling hair, giving it volume, shine and softness easily and comfortably. The best of all? They control frizz and do not require rinsing.

Its use is simple, and you just have to apply the amount that the length of your hair needs, with clean and damp hair, from roots to ends. We advise you to distribute it by gently massaging the palms of your hands, as this movement allows the product to penetrate better. Now you have to dry your hair as you usually do. These products will make you fall in love because they act as a natural nourishing remedy, and thanks to them, your hair will have a healthy and cared for appearance.

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