Water Bottle For The Gym

The Best Personalized Water Bottle For The Gym

Water Bottle For The Gym: “This autumn I’m going to join the gym!”: this is one of the good intentions of many people when they return from their holidays, perhaps after having exaggerated a bit at the table during the holidays. It is no coincidence that, after New Year Eve, September and October have always been the periods of great promise.

But it is a fact: there are many people who, at the beginning of autumn, decide to enroll in the gym, so as not to find themselves training at the last moment in view of the swimsuit test, to have a healthier lifestyle and so on. Here then is that all businesses that move around the world of fitness can take advantage of this period to their advantage. 

We think of the gyms themselves, personal trainers, sports equipment shops, manufacturers of fitness accessories and so on. This is the right moment to do branding, to give more visibility and more character to your brand, also by means of the printing of promotional gadgets.

And among these there is certainly the inevitable personalized gym bottle, an essential accessory for those who regularly go to a fitness center: together with the bag and the sneakers, in fact, we are talking about a real must have. But what should the gym logo water bottle look like? Let’s see it together.

We are talking about a real must have. But what should the gym logo water bottle look like? Let’s see it together. We are talking about a real must-have. But what should the gym logo water bottle look like? Let’s see it together.

The fundamental characteristics for the customized water bottle for the gym

Roomy: the personalized bottle for the gym must be roomy, and therefore contain a sufficient amount of liquid for an entire training session. Think of all the liquids that anyone who trains on the elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill needs. The bare minimum capacity is half a liter, possibly opting for something more (without making the bottle unwieldy).

Resistant: the movements in the gym are not always very coordinated, especially after doing several tiring exercises. Here then is that the bottles are subject to knocks and falls, which could break plastic bottles or cause damage to the inner lining of other rigid bottles. Therefore, it is better to make sure that you buy well-resistant water bottles for the gym.

Thermal: in autumn and winter, gyms become warm places, to welcome athletes in shorts and T-shirts. The problem is that in these environments the drinks tend to heat up quickly, making them less attractive: it is therefore better to opt for personalized bottles with thermal coating , without necessarily going towards real personalized thermos.

Quick to open and close: here we think above all of those who want to drink while exercises, and who therefore need to open and close the bottle correctly in a few seconds, even better if with one hand. On our web to print site it is therefore possible to find various customizable water bottles with easy opening.

With lace : this is not a key feature, but it is certainly appreciated. Better to buy water bottles with a strap, so you can hang them next to the machine in the gym when there are no better supports at hand!

With a generous print area: why not take advantage of the possibility of giving visibility to your logo? It is therefore better to prefer water bottles that allow a fairly large print – perhaps full-length – of your company logo or your brand name!

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